Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We knew we were good, but...

We have always known that we at Efficient Frontier had the special sauce, but what has always been difficult in our process of signing up new customers is the education part.

In a 12 - 14 hour working day that is filled with 14 - 18 hours worth of work, it's often times tough to get people to listen to why portfolio theory is so much more efficient and sophisticated than rules based solutions that don't even work in the new opaque market places.

Well, here, some of the work has been done for us. This article does a great job of explaining what we do. What it doesn't do is state that our approach, our level of sophistication, has been met by exactly no one. Make no mistake, there's only one solution for large(r) kw campaigns and it's Efficient Frontier.


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