Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some Google Stats and Additional Google Features to Be Added

Recently, Google has added a number of new features, including:
  1. Keyword Planner
  2. "New and improved" Traffic Estimator
  3. New and Improved Reporting,
  4. The ability for advertisers to bid content and search separately

In the near future, Google will be adding the following features for advertisers:

  1. Developer sandbox (7/1),
  2. Zero-impressions
  3. New AdWords features (position preference, ads scheduling, timezone, local business address batch operations)
  4. Revised quota system
  5. Application token (api calls must include developer token and application key)
  6. Localization

AdWords Product/Feature Roadmap
  1. Position preference (in API in 3Q)
  2. Ad Scheduling (day parting, in 3Q)
  3. Budget controls (accelerated delivery, monthly budget, customer periods (in 3Q)
  4. Average target CPC Bids (campaign level, in end of 3Q; max clicks available today)
  5. Adwords Editor (beta for 3 mos.)
  6. Local time zone (end of 6/06)
  7. MCC alerts

Google Netowork and Site Targeting Updates

Three Billion daily pageviews across 1000s of sites

  1. Product Roadmap: IP-based reach (in Q3),
  2. Attribute targeting (in Q3),
  3. Different ad formats (in Q3/Q4),
  4. CPA of some inventory (in Q4), S
  5. ite-level reporting (Q3),
  6. CPC site-targeting (Q3)
  7. User targeting available on content network
  8. Site targeting at vertical (page-level) and home-page-level (in beta)


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